Celebrating the launch of wpUP.io

After a couple of years of building, testing, revising and collecting feedback we are finally ready to publicly release wpUP.io to the World.

We think wpUP.io represents the perfect middle ground between crowded Shared Hosting and the often very expensive classic Managed WordPress Hosting products.

With wpUP.io you first sign up for a Cloud Provider, like DigitalOcean, that delivers Virtual Private Servers (VPS).
Once you have associated your DigitalOcean account with wpUP.io you can launch WordPress optimized servers that we configure and manage for you.
This allows the non technical user or even the user that doesn’t want to spend time on server management to have a very performant solution without spending hundreds of dollars on classic Managed WordPress Hosting.

We have a number of improvements and features planned that will be coming out at a steady pace starting next year. But what matters most is that we have delivered on our first promise: to make VPS based WordPress Hosting easy and affordable for everyone.

We are super excited about this product and its future; we hope that you will be also!