WordPress 4.5 sneak peek

The WordPress team has released three beta releases for the upcoming WordPress 4.5. Lets have a look at the new features for this major release.

Responsive preview

You can now preview how the site would look on a desktop, a tablet and on a phone in the customizer or theme installer. Great for checking out how your newly installed theme handles responsiveness before activating it.

Theme logo support

Originally a feature from the Jet Pack plugin, theme logo is now a feature theme developers can add support for. If a theme has enabled support for this you can select a logo in the customizer.

This will probably be a big hit for business themes!

Inline Link Editing

Links can now be edited directly in the editor instead of having to use the TinyMCE popup window.

Additional Editor Shortcuts

WordPress keeps on adding Markdown shortcuts for common formatting tasks in the editor. This time we get three new

  • for italic: *italic*
  • for bold: **bold**
  • for code: `code`

Image optimization

WordPress is now doing a better job at optimizing images uploaded to the media library. It does this by stripping metadata and baked in thumbnails (which a lot of cameras create). It also does a better job when resizing images, giving you a crisper look when downsampling.

Great! When can I get this?

Soon. WordPress 4.5 is scheduled to be released in about a month. Once its out, wpUP will support this new version.